Visual Studio Products

Visual Studio Products

Visual studio stands today as the de-facto IDE standard for .NET developers. For over 15 years, Software FX has specialized in enterprise-grade data visualization solutions. Regardless of the Visual Studio version you are using, you can bet we have the right data visualization product for your development needs!



    Tight Integration into Visual Studio for effortless programmability and superb end-user experience.

    Chart FX 7 integrates seamlessly into Visual Studio 2010, 2008 and 2005, providing developers with unprecedented data visualization capabilities. Chart FX 7 takes full advantage of the .NET Framework and cutting-edge technologies such as AJAX to create visually-rich, lightweight and secure charts that will enhance your enterprise application's display layer.


    Powering your Rich Internet Appplications

    Grid FX is perhaps the most exciting product release in Software FX's history. It combines all of our product and technology innovation to provide developers with a truly unique and highly integrated data visualization platform to display graphical and tabular data in enterprise applications.


    Monitor your critical real-time data using these cutting-edge gauge and digital panel representations.

    Chart FX Gauges delivers a set of .NET components that allow developers to quickly and effectively integrate gauges into their client-server and web-based applications. With the addition of Gauges to the Chart FX family of products, developers can create digital dashboards with the productivity and consistency they've come to appreciate from other Software FX products.


    More Specific Data, Less Code Written.

    With the Chart FX Extensions Pack developers are no longer required to spend hours configuring a generic charting component to specific data or behavior. Instead, Chart FX Extensions, which are .NET controls, can be added to either Chart FX for .NET 6.2 or Chart FX 7 to adapt to these data sources enabling organizations to quickly and economically develop solutions that meet unique business needs.

Get these and many more award-winning data visualization and analysis products as part of the Studio FX Subscription!

The Studio FX Subscription offers unprecedented access to our entire line of data visualization products for developers, including .NET, Java, COM, SharePoint and Mobility for one low price.

More Info
  • Our Visual Studio products include great features like:

  • Seamless Visual Studio Integration

    Both Chart FX and Grid FX take advantage of the .NET Framework to provide robust features. Within Visual Studio, we've been able to make the design-time experience not only more enjoyable, but more productive as well. By extending the smart tags to include a full wizard, it is now easier to achieve a more polished and finished look through a graphical interface with less need to write code. Additionally, graphical tools have even been added to the property grid. With ASP.NET 2.0, Grid FX was able to expose a WYSIWYG designer for easy grid layout and template creation.

  • Advanced Graphics Capabilities

    To provide the greatest aesthetics for our tools, we make great use of .NET's GDI+ technology. Some areas in Grid FX, such as the borders, while Chart FX uses it for much of the drawing and text in the various chart types.

  • Effortless and Flexible Data Connectivity

    In both Chart FX and Grid FX, the data is what's important. Both allow you to connect to data sources through ADO.NET and create business objects connections for easier development. Chart FX also adds the ability to accept data from an XML file. Grid FX utilizes ASP.NET 2.0 for its child data architecture and exposing master details through the IDE.

  • Help is at Hand

    We utilize Microsoft's Help 2.0 to provide our Resource Center document mechanism to make the integration as smooth as possible. This allows us to not only deliver a "Programmer's Guide" and API, but also a wealth of actual samples (and code) that you can integrate and test in your applications. Plus the well designed and organized Resource Center allows a single repository for Software FX documentation without any duplication. .NET also allows to provide localized resources for several languages and allow developers to create their own in a standardized way.

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