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Java Products
Chart FX for Java: Simple integration, easy deployment and broad reach in one award-winning package.
New Version!Chart FX 7 for Java

Chart FX for Java Server

Chart FX for Java Server provides developers an in-the-box solution for a wide variety of data visualization needs.

Chart FX 7 for Java Server builds on the enterprise-quality technology base of Chart FX for Java 6.5 by adding a framework-independent, Ajax-based runtime UI which will allow your charts , maps and statistical representations to provide rich user interface elements that have zero footprint or plugin requirements.


The most complete data visualization solution available for demanding Java developers.

Chart FX for Java provides developers an in-the-box solution for a wide variety of data visualization needs. Factor in Chart FX's 15+ year history of creating easy-to-use yet powerful components and you have an award-winning package.

Easy Integration and Deployment

Chart FX for Java is a library which easily integrates to any development environment and it is deployed as part of the web application to any Application Server or Servlet container running at least Java 1.3.

There is no need to set up an additional server, service or demon. It is just as easy as adding a couple of jar files to your project, use the library as it as it was part of the native Java API, compile, package and deploy. Just as Java web development was supposed to be.


Don't let a budget stand between you and your Java development goals.Chart FX for Java Developer is a $499 non-expiring, full development version of Chart FX for Java that allows the development of charts, gauges maps and statistical studies for the Java environment. All features, documentation, platform support and functions are exactly the same as the full version (barring deployment).

Voted Among JDJ's 4 Best Java Components

Chart FX for Java was recognized by JDJ readers in the recent Readers Choice Awards as one of the 'Best Java Components' after voting by more than 17,000 SYS-CON readers. "It is a significant accomplishment to be among the best 4 products in the world", says SYS-CON Group Publisher & Editorial Director Jeremy Geelan.

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