Chart FX 7 for Java Test Server License (CJF70D)

Chart FX 7 for Java Test Server License (CJF70D)
Chart FX 7 for Java Test Server License (CJF70D)
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Chart FX for Java Server

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Short Description (66 words): Chart FX for Java Server provides developers an in-the-box solution for a wide variety of data visualization needs. Chart FX 7 for Java Server builds on the enterprise-quality technology base of Chart FX for Java 6.5 by adding a framework-independent, Ajax-based runtime UI which will allow your charts , maps and statistical representations to provide rich user interface elements that have zero footprint or plugin requirements.

Long Description Description (127 words ): Chart FX for Java provides developers an in-the-box solution for a wide variety of data visualization needs. Factor in Chart FX's 15+ year history of creating easy-to-use yet powerful components and you have an award-winning package. Chart FX for Java is a library which easily integrates to any development environment and it is deployed as part of the web application to any Application Server or Servlet container running at least Java 1.3. There is no need to set up an additional server, service or demon. It is just as easy as adding a couple of jar files to your project, use the library as it as it was part of the native Java API, compile, package and deploy. Just as Java web development was supposed to be.


AJAX Rendering Engine

Chart FX for Java adds a new DHTML rendering engine that uses the Ajax web development technique to produce chart images that allow full interactivity and support state in web applications. This automatically updates the chart with the new data without a complete page refresh, only updating the portion of the chart that changed. The charts are fully secure as there are no binary files to download. This allows end users to interact with charts in any browser on any platform, making your application available to a wider audience.
Chart FX for Java Server takes advantage of Ajax technology and combines it with a powerful DHTML engine to produce chart images that allow full interactivity and support state in web applications.

Elegant User Interface (UI)

Chart FX for Java provides powerful run-time data analysis tools for your end users; these include drill downs, tooltips, drag and drop axis configuration and highlighting, among others. Among all these tools, highlighting is a feature that allows end users to position the mouse in any chart element allowing Chart FX for Java to instantly dim out other elements in the chart. This feature allows end users to quickly detect trends and other important elements in the chart.

Samples and Resource Center

The Samples and Resource Center not only provides a Programmer's Guide reference that discusses interesting Chart FX for Java topics, but also includes the Chart FX for Java API, an Internet Reference specifically catered for Web development and a wealth of actual samples and charts (and code) that you can integrate and test in your applications. 
Whether you are just starting with Chart FX for Java or you are an experienced Chart FX developer, here you will find a wealth of documentation, samples and movies that will help you benefit from Chart FX.

IDE Integration

The Chart FX for Java Installation provides design time plug-ins for both NetBeans and Eclipse IDEs so you can quickly add and configure charts and other graphical displays to your application. Using ChartFX for Java Designer is as easy as loading a plug-in into your IDE of choice or running the standalone designer directly. Once the designer is loaded, you can easily manipulate the look and feel of your Charts, Gauges and Maps through an intuitive yet powerful UI.
Designing visually rich chart objects is a snap using the Chart FX Designer or Chart FX for Java's design-time plugins for NetBeans and Eclipse.

Default Chart Settings

The Default Charts feature allows developers to focus their attention on the functional aspect of the application rather than visuals or other platform specific issues. The Chart FX for Java Server default chart has been optimized based on customer feedback. Carefully selected cosmetics such as gradients and color palettes as well as other important chart elements such as toolbars, legends and output format have been selected to minimize the time needed to produce a visually impressive chart.

Guided Installation

The Chart FX for Java installer neatly installs everything you'll need to quickly and efficiently design, develop and deploy enterprise quality charts, gauges, maps and statistical objects to your application.

Powerful API and Properties List

Chart FX for Java Server features a powerful new API. Now it is easier to access complex functionality and quicker to integrate to your Java applications as objects and classes are more recognizable and easier to code.
Increase developer productivity with Chart FX for Java Server and its new streamlined, more powerful programming interface and properties list.

Wrapper and Exporter

These useful utilities will allow you to leverage your existing knowledge of Chart FX as well as reuse any code you may have previously written. Any projects written in the previous API may be conveniently ported to the new Chart FX for Java API.

Easy to Code and Integrate

Chart FX provides developers advanced charting features with minimal integration effort. Helpful tools like the Designer, Tutorial and Samples Resource and a Programmer's Guide will assist you in creating visually impressive data visualization solutions with little time invested.

Enhanced User Interface

Chart FX provides end-user chart customization through intuitive menus, dialogs and toolbars. Users can export the charts to a variety of formats as well as store changes to a particular chart for future sessions, maximizing the usability and readability of your application's charts at the end-user level.

Visual Attributes

With over 20 different chart types, customizable legends, ready-to-use color palettes, multiple and customizable axes, per-marker attributes, gridlines, background images and border objects, Chart FX allows you to create some of the most visually appealing charts in just minutes.

Data Analysis

Chart FX places an impressive array of data analysis tools at your disposal. Chart FX provides tools such as Maps, highlighting, statistical analysis, axis sections, conditional attributes and more.

Chart Population

Chart FX supports a vast variety of data population methods, including, passing data directly through the API, Resultset Binding, XML Files, Collections, Arrays, Arrays of Arrays, Text Files and Crosstab.

Comprehensive Support

Software FX is committed to providing the best possible support for all our products. With an extensive knowledge base, online articles, personalized support, community and more, you will find all the assistance you need to quickly integrate Chart FX into your application.



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